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Training and Classes

The Training Experience

The South Carolina Highway Patrol basic training program balances a paramilitary environment with an academic environment. In accordance with adult learning theory, classes run into the evening rather than starting too early in the morning and much of the instruction involves hands-on scenario-based training. The training is divided into these phases:


  1. SC Criminal Justice Academy (SCCJA) Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLE) (12 weeks)
  2. Advanced Patrol Training (4 weeks)
  3. Field Training and Evaluation (8 weeks)

Certified/SC Class 1

  1. Advanced Patrol (4 weeks)
  2. Field Training and Evaluation (8 weeks)

Basic Law Enforcement (BLE) - 12 weeks

The Basic Law Enforcement program (BLE) is mandated by South Carolina Law and provides officers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and the abilities to perform the duties of a certified law enforcement officer in the state of South Carolina. The curriculum during this program includes Pre-Academy Orientation topics along with the following:

  • Criminal law
  • Civil liability
  • Probable cause and arrest
  • Emergency vehicle operations 
  • Crime scene evidence
  • Behavioral science
  • Basic patrol operations
  • Interview and interrogation
  • Report writing
  • Basic collision investigation
  • DUI detection and field sobriety testing

Upon completion of the twelve week training the candidate will be a certified Class 1 Law Enforcement Officer.

Advanced Patrol Training - 4 weeks

Trooper Trainees will receive specialized training in collision investigation and prevention. Training includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to speed estimates
  • Measuring and diagraming 
  • Interviewing and interrogation
  • RADAR, LIDAR, & TASER Training
  • CPR and First Aid 
  • Electronic Reports
  • Traffic stops 
  • Courtroom

Upon completion of the SC Criminal Justice Academy Basic Training Program, the trainee will be commissioned as a South Carolina State Trooper. The newly commissioned Trooper will then enter a Field Training and Evaluation Program within their assigned Troop/Post. The Trooper, along with his Field Training Officer, must successfully complete the Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP). A certified officer will complete Advanced Patrol Training and then Field Training and Evaluation.

Once the Trooper has successfully completed the Field Training and Evaluation Program, in addition to the approval of the Troop Commander, he or she will be assigned to regular patrol duties as a Trooper.

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