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Immigration Enforcement Unit

Our Mission

The mission of the Immigration Enforcement Unit is to deter, disrupt and eliminate criminal activity associated with illegal immigration by enforcing immigration laws pursuant to Federal and State statutes. Develop immigration enforcement training programs to be offered to local law enforcement agencies; assist local law enforcement agencies with proper implementation, management and enforcement of applicable immigration laws.


Our Principles: RESPECT

Reduce the number and severity of incidents involving undocumented aliens through an aggressive enforcement plan aimed at identifying and prosecuting undocumented aliens involved in criminal activity.

Educate law enforcement agencies at the state and local levels in South Carolina on the laws associated with  illegal/undocumented aliens in South Carolina.

Strengthen alliances with local communities and, allied agencies at the Federal, State, County and Municipal levels.

Provide employees with the necessary support and tools to enhance their ability to successfully accomplish their missions.

Enforce the laws of the State of South Carolina and applicable Federal laws through a program of unparalleled ethical, equitable and professional conduct.

Continuously work to enhance the leadership qualities of individual employees through a program of education, innovation and mentoring.

Thoroughly investigate complaints involving illegal/undocumented aliens.