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Forensic Science Grant Program Funding

Overview and Award Schedule

South Carolina may now fund worthwhile projects from unaccredited labs, to include specific requests for assistance with accreditation. Any Paul Coverdell sub-recipient that is not accredited must certify in their application to the SCDPS’s OHSJP, to using a portion of the grant amount for accreditation purposes. Additionally, the sub-recipient must certify that they will apply for laboratory accreditation (by the ANSIASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME), the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), International Association of Coroners & Medical Examiners (IAC&ME) or other appropriate accrediting bodies) not more than two years after the South Carolina FY 2023 Paul Coverdell sub-award date.

The purpose of the Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program is to assist state agencies and local units of government in carrying out specific programs to improve the quality and timeliness of forensic science and medical examiner services. Among other things, funds may be used to eliminate backlogs in the analysis of forensic evidence, and to train forensic laboratory personnel, as needed, to eliminate such a backlog. Grants will pay for 100 percent of the program costs and successful applications under this special solicitation will have a one-year grant period. The deadline for new user registration requests is June 24, 2022 and the application deadline is July 8, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. via SCDPS’ web-based application tool, SCDPS Grants, located at

The alarming proliferation of synthetic drugs and opioids have had a crushing effect on many crime laboratories. Synthetic opioids in particular may be more difficult to analyze than traditional opiates, and validating methods for new drugs as they emerge may significantly slow processing of these samples. Medical examiners and forensic pathologists have also been overwhelmed with the volume of autopsies as a result of opioids and synthetic drug-related overdose deaths. To address these issues, states are to allocate approximately 57% of available funds to specifically target the challenges the opioid abuse crisis has brought to the forensic science community.  To this end, the OHSJP welcomes opioid and synthetic drugs-specific projects for FFY 2023

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Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Program Grant

Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Program Grant

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