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The Office of Support Services (OSS)

The Office of Support Services (OSS) oversees the following areas that support the operations of the agency.

OSS / Operations

Scott Capell_icon
 Scott Capell, Operations Manager – (803) 896-7964

The Operations Team supports the agency’s mission through meeting the agency’s facility management and property real estate needs at the agency headquarters as well as the field locations throughout the state.  This includes daily building maintenance, capital improvements and securing the real estate necessary to accomplish the mission.  Additionally, the Operations Team provides and monitors state vehicles for the civilian staff at the Blythewood location.

OSS / Logistics

Ben Hutto_icon
 Ben Hutto, Logistics Manager – (803) 737-8305

The Logistics Team operates two supply warehouses that are responsible for items ranging from office supplies to full scale personnel up-fitting.  Additionally, the DPS Armorer, the Radio Communications Program, 1033 Program, Agency Mail, Agency Surplus Property and fleet administrative functions all come under the umbrella of the Logistics Team.

OSS / Fleet

 Captain Gabriel Colbert, Fleet Commander – (803) 737-8369

The mission of the DPS Fleet Shop provides the following program and support services: vehicle/equipment purchasing, outfitting and support, collision/mechanical repair authorizations, vehicle assignments and distribution strategies, fuel card support and replenishment, and vehicle/equipment retirement and disposal.

OSS / Central Evidence Facility (CEF)

Major Rivers_icon
 Major Mendel Rivers, CEF Commander – (803) 737-6326

Establishes and maintains protocols for the intake, management, and appropriate disposal of evidence collected by SCDPS officers across the state. SCDPS participates in the Federal Equitable Sharing Program in collaboration with federal law enforcement partners through the asset forfeiture function. The CEF staff consist of SCDPS officers and administrative support with extensive training in evidence standards and procedures.