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Body-Worn Camera

BWC Program Overview

The Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Program Fund was established to provide financial assistance to state and local law enforcement agencies, the Attorney General’s Office, solicitors’ offices, and public defenders’ offices in the initial purchase, maintenance and replacement of body-worn cameras to include ongoing costs related to maintenance and storage recorded by body-worn cameras. This program is funded by the General Assembly. The SC Department of Public Safety’s Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs administers the state-appropriated Body-worn Camera Program. The South Carolina Public Safety Coordinating Council (SCPSCC), chaired by Sheriff (Ret.) Al Cannon, approves the distribution of the awards.  

  •  The total amount of body-worn camera funding received since FY 2016 is 18,800,000 million ($3.4 million from FY 2016 and $2.4 million in FY 2017, FY 2018, FY 2019, FY 2020, 2021, and $3.4 million in FY 2022). 
  •  A total of $18,478,173.36 million has been awarded since FY 2017 to provide assistance with the BWC program in South Carolina.  
  • Applications may be submitted annually for new purchases and for the yearly maintenance/storage costs associated with the BWC Program.
  • The application period is closed for Fiscal Year 2023 and that the next application period will begin in early 2023 for Fiscal Year 2024. To receive notice of the next application period, please contact Johnny Price at

 Law Enforcement agencies have received some financial assistance from the state-appropriated BWC Program Funds in addition to the Attorney General’s Office, solicitors’ offices, and public defenders’ offices.  A total of 263 qualifying entities have received funding from the BWC Program over the past several years.