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DRIVE 2 ZERO Program


The DRIVE 2 ZERO (D2Z) Program is one of the State Transport Police’s outreach and education initiatives that aim to address unsafe driving behaviors before they occur, especially in and around commercial motor vehicles. Each year, more than 8,000 participants get to experience what it is like to drive impaired or distracted behind the wheel.

The DRIVE 2 ZERO Program is made available free of charge to motor carriers, high schools, colleges, civic organizations, or other groups throughout South Carolina.

Check out the video to see what you can expect from our on-site simulated impaired and distracted driving experiences!   

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 "We can talk all day long with them about the hazards of drinking and driving or distracted driving, but to actually get into the go-kart and experience what that is like. I think it makes a greater impact.”

Dr. Marshall Davis, Northside Christian Academy 





How many students can you accommodate within one school day? 

Our D2Z program can accommodate up to 40 students per hour. We have been able to accommodate more than 140 students within one school day. Please note: students must be supervised by school officials throughout the duration of the program. 

How far in advance does my school need to book a date?

Our D2Z program has grown in popularity over the last several years with more than 8,000 students benefiting from the program each year. We ask that you reach out for available dates as soon as possible. If the date you request isn’t available, we can add you to our waitlist for possible cancellations that occur.

Do we need to have consent forms for the students signed?

By participating in the program, we ask that students allow us to use photos or videos from our time together on social media or for other marketing materials. No additional waivers are needed to be signed to participate in operating the vehicles.

Is there a minimum age of students that can participate in the program?

Participants must have a state-issued beginner's permit or drivers license. 

Is there a cost associated with having D2Z at our school?

There is no cost to the school or organization.