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Bicycle Law

Bicyclists are part of a group known as vulnerable roadway users because they smaller than motor vehicles and may be more difficult to see. These characteristics make them more vulnerable when riding on the road.

If you ride a bicycle on a roadway, especially at dawn or at dusk, consider wearing retro-reflective clothing to help increase your chances of being seen by motorists

When riding a bicycle, you must:

  • Ride as a vehicle, ride with traffic, and obey all traffic signs.
  • Ride as far to the right as practical.
  • If a bike lane is present, stay in the bike lane unless your destination lies in a different direction.
    • For instance, if you need to pass another bicyclist, turn left, or if a roadway obstruction exists, you would move outside of the bike lane.
  • If you are riding in a group, do no ride more than two side-by-side.
  • If you are riding your bike after dark, use lights and reflectors to help increase your chances of being seen by motorists.

When operating a motor vehicle and you encounter a bicyclist, you should:

  • Maintain a safe operating distance from the bicyclist.
  • Refrain from harassing or throwing objects at the bicyclist.

For more information on laws pertaining to bicyclists, please visit Code of Laws - Title 56 - Chapter 5 - Uniform Act Regulating Traffic On Highways, Article 27.