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Helpful Hints and Rejection Criteria

Most Common Reasons for Not Moving Forward in the BPS Application Process


Incomplete State Application

Please be very thorough and take your time filling out every single question on application. Pay very close attention to detail. If your state application is missing dates, phone numbers, full addresses for references, or if it has unexplained gaps/dates in employment periods, or if your objective doesn’t match the legitimacy of the position this could lead to your application not moving forward in the process.

Adding a resume does not take the place of a complete application. An incomplete state application with a detailed resume attached is not satisfactory. YES: You must list ALL Employment History.

Spelling and Grammar

An application riddled with misspellings and grammar errors may not move forward in the employment process.

Proof read your application before submitting.

Work and Education History

If you fail to disclose a past employer and one is discovered during your background investigation or polygraph, or if you have been terminated or forced to resign from any position in lieu of a termination at any time and you do not disclose this, it is considered a falsification of your application. This will lead to your application not moving forward in the process.

Be 100% honest while filling out State and Supplemental Applications. List ALL of your education history starting with your High School/GED information (Dates, Name…..etc) and ALL Employment History.

Receipt of Your Supplemental Application and Requirements

This is a very time sensitive process. The website shows all of the requirements you will need to submit once you receive your Supplemental Application via email. If the BPS Employment Unit sends you a Supplemental Application and list of requirements and you do not return it with due diligence, this could lead to your application not moving forward in the process. You may submit your Supplemental Application without the college transcripts as we understand these can take weeks to obtain. Once you do receive them, we will add them to your application later. On any other requirements, if there is a delay in you getting them, please contact our office.

Drug Use and Criminal History

Please fully familiarize yourself with our minimum requirements and drug standards for employment. Answer all drug questions and all criminal history questions honestly. Falsifications discovered on any of these questions will lead to the termination of your employment process. Be 100% honest while filling out both State Application and Supplemental Application.

Physical Ability Test (PAT) Failures

On average, 40% of the applicants who make it to PAT testing at the track FAIL their PAT test. This is only due to lack of preparation. Physical fitness is paramount for BPS Police Officers. If your desire is truly to be a BPS Officer then start training NOW. Due to the time sensitive nature of this process, you may only receive a week or sometimes less notice to report for your employment PAT test. Be physically ready!

The employment process to become a BPS Officer is one of the most rigorous and challenging employment processes in law enforcement. It all begins with your online State Application, it is the root of the process and all of the remaining steps that follow will be based from it. Meticulous attention to detail, accuracy, and honesty will ensure you move forward in this process. If you have any questions prior to filling out your State Application online, please contact the BPS Recruiter.