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The Museum... The "Story" of South Carolina Law Enforcement

hofmuseumAny journalism student can tell you that a good story will answer the questions - Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? At the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Hall of Fame, the history of South Carolina law enforcement is told through twelve exhibit areas, each of which focuses on an aspect of law enforcement in the context of answering one or more of these basic questions.

Using photographs, artifacts, as well as audio-visual and interactive teaching aids, each exhibit seeks to educate and familiarize visitors with law enforcement officers and their activities.

"What is Law Enforcement?" begins a tour by explaining the basic concepts of law and enforcement. Photos, patches and badges illustrate the many types of officers, agencies and activities included under the "umbrella" of law enforcement.

"Law Enforcement History/Early South Carolina Law Enforcement" provides a brief explanation of the development of law enforcement, as we now know it, and its early development in our state.

Other exhibits focus on the different law enforcement agencies and their differing responsibilities, the variety of equipment used over time, and the role of law enforcement in protecting the public welfare.

Like any other museum, the Hall of Fame preserves for the future a collection of artifacts, documents, and images related to South Carolina law enforcement, as well as general research files and files for each Memorial Room Inductee. At present the collection contains approximately 2000 artifacts and documents, in addition to over 7000 images. The Hall of Fame is always interested in receiving appropriate additions to the collection.

Any object, image, or file in the museum collection can be made available for research by students, genealogists, family members, or other interested parties. Please contact the Hall of Fame staff for additional information or to make prior arrangements.