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SCHP 2018 Trooper Of the Year

Wed, 04/03/2019


    Narratives for Trooper of the Year

    Narratives for Medal of Valor, and Purple Heart recipients

    Narratives for Telecommunications Operator of the Year

Click on a name below for individual photos (photos will open in a separate window).

Trooper of the Year Winners for Each Troop/Unit

*Also Purple Heart Award Winners

Troop One: TFC James C. Welsh

Troop Two: F/Sgt. J.C. Gambrell 

Troop Three: Trooper Colby B. Grigg  

Troop Four: L/Cpl. Paul M. Wilkins*

Troop Five: TFC Frank A. Virzi 

Troop Six: L/Cpl.  Paul V. Yacobozzi 

Troop Seven: L/Cpl. Daniel L. Wright

Troop Eight: L/Cpl. Leon C. Porter

Troop Nine: Sgt. Jeremy T. Leach

Troop Ten: L/Cpl. James T. Hicks

Troop Eleven: L/Cpl. Joel Scott Hovis  

Group Photo
First Row (from left): L/Cpl. James T. Hicks (T10), Sgt. Jeremy T. Leach (T9), Capt. B.J. Albert on behalf of Trooper of the Year L/Cpl. Paul M. Wilkins (T4); L/Cpl. Paul V. Yacobozzi (T6), Trooper Colby B. Grigg (T3).
Second Row: TFC Frank A. Virzi (T5), F/Sgt. J.C. Gambrell (T2), L/Cpl. Leon C. Porter (T8), L/Cpl. Daniel L. Wright (T7), L/Cpl. Joel Scott Hovis (T11), TFC James C. Welsh (T1).

Director’s Medal of Valor Awards

Trooper T.D. Landreth (Troop Three) 
TFC C. D. Nicholson (Troop Four) 
Sgt. F.T. Cherry, L/Cpl. T.M. Graham. L/Cpl. M.L. McKenzie, L/Cpl. J.H. Wright  (Troop Five)

Director’s Purple Heart Award

L/Cpl. P. M. Wilkins (Troop Four)

Telecommunications Winners By Region

Group Photo
From Left: TCO Flissa McEachern, Florence TCC; TCM Von Legrand Carrigg, Jr, Blythewood TCC; TCO of the Year - TCO Daniel Valente, Greenville TCC; TCO Kimeko White, Charleston TCC.

TCO Von Legrand Carrigg, Jr, Blythewood TCC
TCO Kimeko White, Charleston TCC 
TCO Flissa McEachern, Florence TCC
TCO Daniel Valente, Greenville TCC