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The following reports are arranged alphabetically by title. A description provides a brief overview of the contents of each report. The report or presentation can be accessed by clicking on the link following the description.

Gangs and Crime in South Carolina: How Much, How Bad?
Description – This report provides and overview of trends related to criminal gang activity, the circumstances associated with gang crime and the characteristics of those involved in and affected by criminal gang activity. It brings together statistical indicators of gang activity including gang related crime reports, gang members identified in prison and gang members identified under community supervision. Although primarily based on South Carolina Incident Based Reporting System data provided by the South Carolina Laws Enforcement Division, it also includes inmate and offender data provided by the South Carolina Department of Corrections and the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services. This report was published in October 2009.

Updated Version-Gangs and Crime in South Carolina: How Much, How Bad?
Description – This is a version of the reported list above, updated to include information concerning gangs in the juvenile justice system, provided by the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice. This updated version was produced in March 2010. No printed copies were produced.

Gangs in South Carolina: An Exploratory Study
Description – This report provides the results of a survey of perceptions concerning gang related violence and other problems as reported by law enforcement officers, probation and parole agents, juvenile justice workers and community members. It was published in September 2000.