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The Statistical Analysis Center (SAC)



The Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) was established in 1973 as the key component of the Comprehensive Data Systems (CDS) program of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, and operated as part of the Governor’s Office of Criminal Justice Programs. Under the CDS program, South Carolina received federal grants to establish a SAC. The purpose of this program was to help the states improve crime statistics, perform objective analyses of criminal justice data, prepare statistical reports on crime and promote the development of criminal justice information and statistical systems. In 1993, the SAC was moved to the newly created South Carolina Department of Public Safety as part of the Office of Justice Programs (now known as the Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs).


The mission of the Statistical Analysis Center is to provide South Carolina with a centralized capability of conducting objective analyses to meet critical planning needs and address statewide and system-wide criminal justice policy issues. The SAC also collects common justice system statistical data among the states and shares that data with the Bureau of Justice Statistics, as well as other states. The SAC contributes to statewide policy development by providing statistical services, research, evaluation, and policy analysis. The Bureau of Justice Statistics provides financial assistance and the Justice Research and Statistics Association provides ongoing technical assistance.

The SAC is housed, funded and directed by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs.