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Office of Procurement

The Department of Public Safety Procurement Office is certified to make direct procurements subject to compliance with the Consolidated Procurement Code and Regulations not to exceed for each procurement transaction the dollar amounts for the general area of specific commodities and services as listed below:

Supplies and Services *$500,000 per commitment
Information Technology *$100,000 per commitment
Consultant Services *$100,000 per commitment
Construction Contract Change Order   $ 25,000 per change order
Architect/Engineer Contract Amendment     $ 5,000 per amendment

*Total potential purchase commitment whether single or multi-term contracts are used.

Our Staff

Margaret Woodson, CPPO, Director
Phone: 803-896-9672

Commodity Listing: Law enforcement equipment and supplies, audio visual equipment, information technology equipment and supplies.

Serena Saunders
Phone: 803-896-7958

Commodity Listing: Office supplies, batteries, dry cell, non-rechargeable, direct bill requests, fuel card, paper, flags; US & SC, business cards, shredders, toner cartridges and printing supplies.

Patty Larimore
Phone: 803-896-7735

Jennifer Abney
Phone: 803-896-7958

Related Procurement Resources

The State of SC has a new procurement system under the South Carolina Enterprise Information System (SCEIS). Due to this changeover, ALL vendors, regardless of registration status, MUST complete or update their electronic registration in order to respond to or be awarded a contract in response to a solicitation. For more information and instructions on how to proceed to the online registration portal, visit the SCEIS Vendor Registration Introduction page.