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How to Protect Yourself from an Impaired Driver

If you believe a driver is impaired, there are several things you should do to get yourself and others out of harm’s way:

  • Stay back. If you are driving behind someone you suspect is impaired, maintain a greater following distance. Do not try to pass that vehicle because the driver may try to swerve into your car.
  • Turn off the roadway. If you think there is an impaired driver behind you, turn right at the closest possible location and let the suspected impaired driver pass.
  • If the impaired driver is coming straight at you, slow down quickly. At the same time, pull as far to the right as possible. Do whatever you have to do to avoid a head-on collision.
  • Report the driver to law enforcement. Once you get safely away from the impaired driver, you should report the driver to the nearest law enforcement agency as soon as possible. You may contact the Highway Patrol from your cellular phone by dialing *HP. Be prepared to provide a description of the vehicle, the vehicle’s license plate number and the location and direction of travel of the vehicle.