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How to Spot an Impaired Driver

As a defensive driver, you should always be aware of what the drivers around you are doing. Below are some signs that may indicate that the driver of a vehicle is impaired. Most impaired drivers are either overly cautious or reckless. Be on the lookout for drivers who are:

  • Making unusually wide turns.
  • Straddling the centerline or driving with their tires on the centerline.
  • Driving with head out the window, or driving with all car windows down in very cold weather.
  • Almost hitting another vehicle or other object or person.
  • Weaving or swerving.
  • Driving on the shoulder or in the emergency lane.
  • Driving with excessive speed or very slow speed.
  • Stopping without apparent cause.
  • Following too closely.
  • Drifting or braking erratically.
  • Driving in or crossing into opposite lanes of traffic.
  • Changing speeds rapidly or very slowly.