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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) DataQs is an online system for motor carriers, commercial drivers, Federal and State agencies, and the public to submit their concerns about publically available Federal and State data contained in FMCSA data systems, or to submit requests for copies of inspection reports. DataQs automatically forwards requests to the appropriate office for resolution and then tracks the status of each request. 


  • Provides a website to accept Requests for Data Review for all states and Inspection Report Requests for most States, as well as supporting documentation (fax and/or file upload capability).
  • Sends a confirmation email to the filer that the request was submitted.
  • Notifies FMCSA and/or State Partner staff when requests are received.
  • Accepts FMCSA and/or State Partner postings and responses related to each request.
  • Automatically notifies users of request submission, response entry, status updates, and documentation upload.
  • Provides reporting capability based on user-selected parameters.
  • Tracks the status of each request from submission through resolution.

Challenges can be submitted for Inspection Reports or Collisions involving Commercial Motor Vehicles:

Inspection Challenges:

  • Never received a copy or lost the report
  • Citation associated with a violation on an inspection
  • Violation is incorrect, listed multiple times, or missing Intermodal Equipment Provider (IEP)/shipper information
  • Not mine (wrong motor carrier or driver)
  • Inspection missing from my report
  • Duplicate (same inspection listed multiple times)
  • Inspection report contains incorrect information / Other

Crash Challenges:

  • Not Mine (wrong motor carrier or driver)
  • Not an FMCSA-reportable crash
  • Duplicate (same crash listed multiple times)
  • Crash record missing from carrier or driver report
  • Crash report contains incorrect information (for example, an incorrect fatality count)
  • Post-crash inspection
  • Other/I don't know

DataQs: Step by Step: