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Operation Safe DRIVE (#OperationSafeDrive)

SafeDriveOperation Safe DRIVE (Distracted, Reckless, Impaired, Visibility Enforcement) is a comprehensive program of the State Transport Police designed to address driver behavior in three areas: Outreach, Education and Enforcement. The overall goal is to create a social climate that makes unsafe, distracted and impaired driving behaviors socially unacceptable. The first two parts of the program involving outreach and education are aimed at highlighting and addressing unsafe driving behaviors before they occur, therefore generating voluntary compliance by drivers. The third part of the program involves enforcement, which is aimed at reducing the number of collisions in identified high crash corridors through highly visible traffic enforcement efforts. Officers will focus their enforcement efforts on Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) to monitor driver behavior, check compliance of federal regulations and enforce South Carolina laws to ensure safety in and around CMVs throughout the identified areas.

The State Transport Police will conduct Safe DRIVE enforcement specials on Interstates 20, 26, 77, 85 and 95. These enforcement specials are conducted in partnership with other local, state and federal agencies along shared corridors. During these enforcement efforts, officers will focus their attention on violations of state law and CMV federal regulations that may lead to or otherwise serve as a catalyst for collisions. In addition to the listed objectives, South Carolina will utilize media advisories and press releases in advance of the initiatives detailing our safety message of "Target Zero."


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