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SCHP Holds Graduation Ceremony For 63 New Troopers

Tue, 11/20/2018

Graduate photos, hometowns, and county of assignment can be found here.
Additional photos from today’s ceremony are posted on SCDPS Facebook.

COLUMBIA – The South Carolina Department of Public Safety held graduation ceremonies today for 63 troopers from Highway Patrol Basic Classes 105 and 106.

U.S. Senator Tim Scott spoke to the graduates, thanking them for their service to the state:

"It seems like your days get longer when people are enjoying their time off. It seems like you are signing up for a task that requires you to be away from your families so that others can celebrate time with their families," Sen. Scott told the graduates. "It is your dedication and your tenacity that allows the State of South Carolina to enjoy the things that we do in the way that we can because we don't have to worry about the things that are being taken care of for us because of people like you, doing jobs like yours because you believe it is your mission and perhaps even a mission from on high."

The graduation of Basic 105 and 106 brings the total number of troopers in South Carolina to 781 (including today’s 63 graduates) with another 31 troopers currently in training. Eleven of today's graduates were prior-certified officers. Troopers are assigned to areas based on population, calls for service, and the number of licensed drivers/registered vehicles in an area. The troopers from Basic 105 and 106 are designated to the counties found in the link above.

“In today’s world of policing, our troopers must be prepared and ready to face any challenge from patrolling the interstates and roadways of our state, to diffusing civil disturbances, to reacting quickly to prevent an active shooter,” said SCDPS Director Leroy Smith. “As I have watched the coverage of the devastating wildfires in California, I was reminded again of the amazing sacrifice, dedication and courage first responders exhibit daily to face these challenges.” 

SCHP Commander Chris Williamson reminded graduates of the importance of their oath and their role in communities: “As your commander, I will reiterate to you once again that I expect nothing less than your absolute best,” Williamson said. “There is no compromise on the integrity, ethics and principles that define this great organization that you now represent.”

Special awards from the Basic Classes 105 and 106 classes include:

  • Colonel P.F. Thompson Outstanding Achievement Award: For the trooper who displays the character and dedication symbolic of former Highway Patrol Colonel P.F. Thompson, the longest serving Patrol commander. Basic 105:  Gregory B. Parker, Hometown: Georgetown; County of Assignment: Kershaw (Troop 1 / Post B); Basic 106: Tyler B. Holland, Hometown: Fort Mill; County of Assignment: Chester, (Troop 4 / Post C).  
  • Captain Cecil Dilworth Marksmanship Award: Presented to the trooper who demonstrated the best marksmanship during firearms training.  Basic 105: Justin T. WoodHometown: Pelion; County of Assignment: Lexington (Troop 1 / Post C). Basic 106: Justin C. Owens, Hometown: Easley; County of Assignment: Greenville, (Troop 3 / Post C).
  • Major Israel Brooks Jr. Physical Fitness Award:  Presented to the trooper who excelled on the physical training test and each day during the early morning exercises. Basic 105: Justin T. WoodHometown: Pelion; County of Assignment: Lexington (Troop 1 / Post C). Basic 106: Jeffrey S. Peavey, Hometown: Horry; County of Assignment: Horry, (Troop 5 / Post D).

For those interested in joining SCHP, visit the SC Troopers Career page.

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