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Message from Colonel Williamson

The South Carolina Highway Patrol’s primary mission is to create a safe and secure environment for South Carolina citizens and visitors as they travel on the state’s public roads and highways. Our goal is to reduce fatalities and collisions on our roadways and move toward our goal of Target Zero highway fatalities. It is a privilege for me to serve as the commander of an outstanding group of professional men and women at an exciting time in the Highway Patrol’s history. Safety and outstanding service to our citizens and visitors are our top priorities.

That is why the Highway Patrol constantly strives to develop innovative public education and outreach programs coupled with proactive enforcement of our state’s traffic laws. Every day, you will see troopers engaged in proactive enforcement of our state’s DUI laws, speed, safety belt and other important safety issues.

Our Community Relations Officers visit schools, civic clubs, businesses and work with media outlets to teach and train drivers about important safety issues. We use computer driving simulators, a roll-over simulator, DUI goggles and golf carts and other tools to teach and instruct – especially with our young drivers.

I want to stress the importance of being a safe and defensive driver. Every year, a staggering 42,000-45,000 people die on our nation’s highways. South Carolina typically loses about 900 people each year to motor vehicle collisions.

We are especially concerned about impaired driving fatalities. Almost half of our fatalities still involve an impaired driver or pedestrian. We believe these statistics are unacceptable. We are working closely with local law enforcement throughout the state to help prevent these terrible tragedies.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol places a strong emphasis on safety education and providing support for families who have lost a loved one on our highways through the SCDPS Families of Highway Fatalities program.

We have an outstanding team of troopers in each area of our state called Community Relations Officers. They are here to help citizens learn more about good safety practices on the roadways. If you would like for a trooper to visit your classroom or work place to talk about safety, please contact us at “Request A Trooper” on our home page or by calling 803-896-7920.

How can you stay safe as a citizen or visitor to our state? Learn why collisions occur and make adjustments in your own driving behaviors. A disproportionate share of our collisions involves a single-vehicle. Driver error, the time of day, location, environment or vehicle defects all play a role in collisions too. Drive defensively. First and foremost, always buckle up and ensure your passengers are properly secured as well.

Thank you for your interest in the South Carolina Highway Patrol. I hope you will visit our web page regularly for updates and information.