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Wrecker Regulations

Troopers of the Highway Patrol of the Department of Public Safety must frequently call upon a wrecker service to tow or remove abandoned, damaged, disabled, or wrecked motor vehicles from the highways of the state and accident scenes. Accordingly, to ensure a fair, equitable and impartial rotation among competing wrecker services, each Highway Patrol Troop within the Highway Patrol Division establishes a zone or zones for towing certain damaged, disabled, or wrecked motor vehicles from the highways and accident scenes, and must prepare, maintain and use wrecker rotation lists for each towing zone in accordance with applicable law. Further, to ensure the delivery of quality and courteous wrecker services to the motoring public at reasonable costs, it is the policy of the department to enforce the law, regulations, and standards relating to wrecker services by means of fair and equitable disciplinary procedures and, when necessary for enforcement purposes or to protect the public, by administering appropriate disciplinary measures.

S. C. Regulations 38-600, Wrecker Regulations, outlines the protocol for wrecker services as it relates to rates, wrecker classes, inspections, storage and complaint procedures.